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HOW TO BUILD YOUR Virtue London Keepsake LOCKET: Choose a locket, a chain or bead necklace; then either a small 23mm or large 32mm disc insert depending on what size of locket you have chosen.

Note: you will need a jump ring if you choose the bead necklace.

You can wear more than one disc in the locket such as a curved stone plus an organic curved cutout disc. You cannot wear 2 curved discs in the one locket at the same time due to the thickness of the curved discs. But you can wear a curved discs with a flat disc insert to show on the reverse.

Glass protective covers are great to protect your disc inserts, but also can be worn with any of the discs to fill the locket.

For ease when looking we have sorted the different sizes of disc inserts under 'categories', also see Virtue London keepsakes , necklaces & chains under categories.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please do contact us and we can order for you!




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