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  • Necklaces

    Our collection of necklaces include - White Ice, Virtue Keepsakes Lockets 23mm & 32mm, Mini 10mm Keepsake Lockets, Inserts for Lockets, Floating Charm Lockets, John Rocha, Exquisite by Virtue London, Lily Blanche, Tartan Twist, Tilley & Grace & Nova Silver. We also stock handmade silver jewellery from our Secret Garden range and hand made pure porcelain necklaces from our Kaolin range.

  • Earrings

    Stunning silver earrings from; Lily Blanche, White Ice, Tartan Twist, John Rocha, Tilley & Grace, Virtue, Frightlings, Alchemy, One Wish, Exquisite, Nova Silver, Secret Garden & Fiorelli

  • Bracelets

    Lots of bracelets to layer from Virtue silver charm bracelets to My Frightlings slide on charms with soul. Classic pearls from Lily Blanche, sheer chains & cuffs from Tilley & Grace. Birthday Good Fortune bangles from Chrysalis. Exquisite elegance, Carrie Elspeth & One Wish sentiments. For children we have delightful Tartan Twist, D for Diamond, Soshine, Tilley & Grace string and Pippin make your own friendship bracelets.

  • Charms

    Our charming silver charms are so versatile that you can mix and match with any bracelets or necklaces. We have a delightful range of magical charms from Lily Blanche, little characters with lots of soul from My Frightlings, charm beads & drops by Virtue. Our charm beads & drops will fit other snake bracelets, charm bracelets and necklaces so you have more choice.

  • Rings

    Virtue London stack rings will give you a choice of combinations which are never-ending. Not only are all the rings gorgeous, but also quirky, affordable and very collectable. They look equally fabulous worn on their own, stacked or worn on several fingers. All the Virtue London rings are made from high quality sterling silver, 9ct gold, silver with rose gold, gold plating, with a mixture of cubic zirconia, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. You will find a size chart for our rings when you click on the image of the ring for more information.

  • Mycolourbands

    Versitile Carrie Elspeth Mycolourbands can be worn as a wrist bands or hair bands. All of the Mycolourbands come on their own cards with a special message.

  • Kids Bracelets

    For our kids we have delightful Tartan Twist cute little pearl bracelets, stunning silver D for Diamond which have geniune little diamonds on each piece, also our My 1st Diamond which has a little heart motif & diamond, Soshine adorable silver & cord bracelets, Tilley & Grace owls, hearts and Pippin make your own friendship bracelets & necklaces.

  • Kids Necklaces

    Our selection of quality children's necklaces start with the most adorable collection from D for Diamond and My 1st Diamond each with little diamonds. Tartan Twist have cute little sterling silver hearts, teddies, rabbits and sweet Scottie dogs. Our necklaces are suitable for everyday wear or as memorable gifts to mark a special occasion. If fun is what you had in mind for your child then you should look at our range of Pippin 'make your own' jewellery kits.

  • Floating Locket Charms

    Our petite locket charms are beautifully crafted which 'float' in our Virtue London Keepsake Lockets, also known as memories charms, lockets necklaces which are very collectable. Floating locket charms are a great way you can personalise your Virtue Keepsake locket, you can also add the flat discs from our petite lockets to make your locket even more special to you. To build your floating locket charm necklace; Simply place a glass disc in one side of your locket, insert a silver dividing ring and place your memories charms in the centre. Finish by placing a second glass disc over the front and close your locket.

  • Keepsake Discs Large 32mm

    The discs for the Virtue Keepsake Lockets come in 3 different sizes. These are the 32mm LARGE disc inserts which fit in to the 32mm large Virtue Keepsake lockets. The discs come in flat, thin, curved or cut out.

  • Keepsake Discs Small 23mm

    Our disc inserts for Virtue Keepsake Lockets come in 3 different sizes. These are the 23mm SMALL discs inserts which fit in to the 23mm small Virtue Keepsake lockets. The discs come in flat, thin, curved or cut out.

  • Keepsake Lockets 23mm & 32mm

    Virtue Keepsake Lockets are a collection of finely finished lockets made from Silver with Gold and Rose Gold plating available. There are TWO styles of locket plain or cubic zirconia encrusted, both lockets are available in 23mm (small) OR 32mm (large). To build your Virtue Keepsake locket you will need a locket, chain and disc insert. You can also choose a bead necklace to wear with your locket (see Virtue Keepsake necklaces & chains), and will need a jump ring to connect the locket to the bead necklace. See our Virtue Keepsake discs large or small depending on which locket size you choose.

  • Keepsake Necklaces & Chains

    Virtue Keepsake bead necklaces, chains & jump rings. CHAIN choices to go with your Virute Keepsake locket are; Popcorn chains, Bead chain, Belcher chain all are available in Rose Gold, Gold or Silver. There are two different length’s; 45cm or 76cm. BEAD NECKLACE choices are; Gold Sandstone, Black Agate, Pearl & Cubic Zirconia or Faceted Amethyst & Cubic Zirconia, all the beads are 8mm in width. The bead necklaces come in 45cm or 60cm lengths. You will also need to order a JUMP RING with the bead necklaces.

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