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Frightlings NEW Soul Case Lockets

New from Frightlings Soul case locket necklaces!

Hold your loved ones dear & carry them everywhere inside Frightling Soul Cases

Frightlings soul case necklace


Made with white rhodium plated sterling silver embossed with portraits of either Grimwold Reaperling, Hugh Spookling, Ebony Gothling or Skully Skelling

Soul case lockets Frightlings


Each soul case locket necklace has hand painted enamel touches. Inside the Soul Cases are small clips to hold photographs on either side of the locket. To the back, each Soul Case is engraved with the Frightlings logo

Frightlings soul case necklace


They are selling out fast… so hurry!! If we are out of stock we are happy to take orders to secure your soul case in the next shipment – email is owned by a registered charity –

all profits made are used by the charity for their work with children & young people.