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Don’t be Grimwold this Halloween!

Its almost the best time of the year again and no, Im not talking about christmas… Halloween a day where scaring people is okay. Kids love it for trick or treating, teenagers love it for dressing up and going out, and adults love it for the down time.   I’ve always thought it was a […]

Steampunk Jewellery

If steampunk is your genre then we have some fabulous keepsake lockets which you can custom to fit your individual look! sunday specail 3



Sterling silver rhodium plated, rose gold and gold keepsake lockets with interchangeable discs.









HOW TO BUILD YOUR LOCKET: choose a locket, a chain or bead necklace; then either a small 23mm or large 32mm disc depending on what size of locket you have chosen. (Note: you will need a jump ring if you choose the necklace beads).
You can wear more than one disc in the locket such as a curved stone plus an organic curved cutout disc. You cannot wear 2 curved discs in the one locket due to the thickness of the curved discs. But you can wear a curved discs with a flat disc to show on the reverse.





To see more choices of lockets, chains and inserts, discs visit our website page    or email for a full brouchure to be sent to