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Valentines – we are all Hearts at Kalila Blue!

Valentines is a fab time of the year, just around the corner from Christmas – Valentines helps put a smile back on your face and brings a little of the romance back!   At Kalila Blue we have some great designer hearts to delight and not break the budget.      Virtue LondonStacking Rings Carrie Elspeth Duluxe […]

Over the sea to Syke!

I’ve been working very closely with the jewellery this week and I’ve decided to do a favourite of

the week as I see so many beautiful jewels that are simply forgotten about.

www.kalilablue.co.uk sea blue crystal heart1

This week I’ve chosen the Crystal Skye Heart Necklace by Tartan Twist as its one of my favourites. This stunning necklace comes in two different colours and each with a different ribbon.


In Sea Blue or Heather Pink this necklace can brighten up any outfit.


The reason I’ve chosen this necklace isbecause when I look at it I see something from a fairy-tale, whether it’s a jewel that the evil witch has or a necklace that the princess to be is wearing. It’s a heart encased in a heart.

www.kalilablue.co.uk silver & glass tartan heart-1

Basically love within love and to me that’s beautiful, just like the necklace.

Written by Scarlett


To see more great jewellery visit our webpage at www.kalilablue.co.uk

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Nova Silver Great Stylish & Contemporary Jewellery!

Nova Silver is one of the latest additions to Kalila Blue, great value contemporary sterling silver jewellery. Nova Silver is designed in Norfolk where they seek inspiration for their designs from the local landscape. At Kalila Blue we love designer jewellery ranges but are aware that the price tag is not always as attractive, however […]

www.kalilablue.co.uk tilley & grace necklaces

Tantalising Offer on Tilley & Grace Fashion Jewellery from Kalila Blue!

This week we wanted to focus on Tilley and Grace, our range of fantastic fashion jewellery at affordable prices. It was the long necklaces that initially caught our eye when we fell upon the Tilley and Grace stand at the trade fair, closely followed by the weight and quality feel of the necklaces and last […]