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Vintage Grey Pearl Stacking Ring

Great to see that Spring is almost here again and after Valentines our thoughts turn to Mother’s Day at Kalila Blue.  Being a mother myself, I am really luck in that my children spoil me a lot but especially on Mothers day.  Last year, along with the fab lunch, flowers and chocolates I was delighted to receive a silver ‘Mother’ stacking ring which also has a little heart on it!



Mother silver stacking ring VRS1024


This year I’m hoping that all my hints are not going unnoticed as I really love our Vintage Grey Pearl stacking ring!  Its 925 silver with a grey fresh water pearl, with a detailed oxidised band… it is simpy gorgeous…. plus I love the fact that it stacks and will look excellent with so many of my other stack rings.



2017-02-16 13.53.26




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Everyday Jewellery

In the mornings its stressful getting ready for the day, especially if you have a time limit to deal with – like I do most days!

www.kalilablue.co.uk virtue keepsake lockets -2


Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to pick the right necklace that matches the right bracelet and that’s okay. All you have to do is plan out some fall back jewellery, something that’s easy to put together and quick to put on.


My virtue locket is really good in this situation as you can just put it on over your head and no matter what colour you end up wearing I have a disc to match; well granted most of my colours are black and dark at present.

www.kalilablue.co.uk sunday offer 2

Up next are earrings, one of my virtue lockets insert discs is the spider which has black stones, so to match I like to wear my virtue angel wing earrings. They are beautifully crafted using marcasite and sterling silver and just look amazing on.

www.kalilablue.co.uk angel earrings


Next, I can’t go anywhere without rings on. My virtue stacking rings are and will always be my favourite.






At the moment I’m wearing the Daughter and Sister rings bought by my amazing family, the hugs & kisses ring and the black trove ring which yet again has black stones in them. I love jewellery that has a link and a memory shared.


Written by Scarlett Cawley



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Stacks of Stacking Rings!

It has to be said these are my favourite of everything at Kalila Blue and feature highly on my Christmas wish list. Virtue London’s sensational stacking rings! The ability to mix and match and stack rings to create a multitude of different looks is big on the fashion scene right now, even Pandora have branched […]