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Welcome to Kalila Blue

Kalila Blue is owned by a registered charity (MotoV8), with the aim of reaching out to young people to help inspire them.  In particular, children and young people at risk of falling outside mainstream services, anti-social behaviour, crime and social exclusion.  We take an early intervention approach and assist those who require a ‘hand up’ in their lives and not a ‘hand out’.

The charity does not receive any sources of funding, other than what we generate through our websites www.kalilablue.co.uk & www.emotivsales.co.uk  Therefore, your support is vital to our continued work and success.

Being owned by a charity - All profits are used for the charities projects in the UK.

We’re confident that Kalila Blue offers the very best quality jewellery brands which are both beautiful and affordable.  We also pride ourselves on our great customer service.

You need never be stuck for the perfect jewellery gifts for special occasions again - including wedding anniversaries, birthdays, births, christenings, Valentine’s Day, baptisms, Christmas and Graduation celebrations.

Kalila means ‘Dearly Loved’ and that’s the sentiment behind each of the jewellery ranges Kalila Blue have chosen.

We hope you get as much enjoyment from our jewellery collections as we’ve had creating them for you.

Thank you for looking!

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